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Woman On Fire Pink Edition Shirts~

The Woman On Fire Pink Edition shirts were inspired by my Mother, Mrs. Carolyn A. Collier and my Aunt Deloris J. Robinson. They are sisters that shared a now common disease know as Breast Cancer. My Aunt was the first to be diagnosed back in the early 90’s and even though they didn’t pinpoint exactly where it came from, everyone in the family pulled together and walked this journey with her. After she passed, my mother was then diagnosed and like her big sister, it wasn’t determined where it came from, we all walked this journey with her as well.

I don’t like saying “the late…” because I believe their spirits are still soaring as they watch over our families. Although I truly miss them both, I wanted to honor them while I still had the chance here on earth. The shirts represents so much for so many.  Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month is officially in October, I celebrate it monthly with daily breast exams, yearly breast exams with my doctor and helping to educate as many women as I can about this disease. These women were women of virtue, women of God and Women On Fire!

Join with me in this fight and purchase a shirt today!

With Love, 


We are all in this together!

*A percentage from sales will go towards a woman in need during her Breast Cancer Journey*

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