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The Male Room...Messages From Him™️ ?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

What is it?

Hi! I'm Coach TaShon, a Certified Relationship Coach, committed to building healthy communal relationships. The Male Room...Messages From Him with TaShon & Friends™️ is a platform centered around the Black male’s perspective of career, community, family, finances, health, relationships and LIFE. The Male Room...Messages From Him™️ presents an opportunity for black men to voice their thoughts, opinions, and possible solutions relative to life. The platform also has a listening and visual audience which is available weekly on the new internet radio station, 101 TKO Radio which is has a growing connection and audience spanning from Africa, Virginia, Pittsburg and down south as we are located in Georgia. The Male Room...Messages From Him™️ is also available on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast and YouTube.

Want to catch the latest episode? If you want to catch the latest episode, visit and The Male Room...Messages From Him with TaShon & Friends

Want to be a guest?

Idea Guest:

If you are a man or woman who are committed and connected to building wealth, family, community, careers, healthy relationships, love and more, click on the links below to be a guest on the TMR Platform. We truly appreciate you and we're very excited to connect during this time. We THANK YOU and send many blessings of peace, love and VICTORY!

Follow us on IG & FB: @themaleroom7671

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